Mango House was an ephemeral pavilion for the homonymous clothing brand. It was designed as a modern lounge space for the visitors of the Barcelona PrimaveraSound Festival, probably one of the most crowded music festivals in the World.

I focused its design with a strong idea on my mind: being as far as possible from the typical chill out space that you expect to find in a massive music festival. Instead, we pursued to create a much more elegant and unique space, fitting with the branding values of Mango. So, ultimately the pavilion lines are inspired by the minimalistic architecture of Mies Van Der Rohe, the sumptuous and fresh Californian beach houses and a scent from a ludic vintage recording studio. Joy, fashion and music came together at Mango House.

I am really proud of this pavilion’s story. Indeed, Mango House supposed an authentic tour-de-force: with an extreme deadline, we had less than 30 days for complete the project, from its very first meetings and conception to its final construction, opening the building and receiving almost 200.000 visitors during the 4 days of the PrimaveraSound Festival!

At the end, after the enthusiastic public reception, all this titanic effort was truly worthy 😉

Year: 2017
Location: BARCELONA, Spain
Client: MANGO
Floor area: 150 m2
Status: BUILT
Design Team: Design and project management by JAVIER MILARA and MATÍAS YUNES. Technical Support: EYESBERG. Fabrication by LABOOR. Agencies: CREATIVA360, ZONA OZ. Video by KYLE CHALMERS. Pictures by MAREK JAROSZ
Many thanks for their support to JAN RIVERA DEL BOSCH and all the staff at Mango.